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Quality Requirements

Below, qualities are described that this project strives for. The qualities are categorized using the ISO 25010 standard.

Quality Tree

Functional Suitability
Performance EfficiencyResource EfficientSCB should scale to the available resourcesSC3
Time EfficientTasks should run parallel to optimize the use of resources
UsabilityEase of IntegrationThe definition and implementation of a scan process should be easySC4
MaintainabilityModularAll components should be loosely coupled to easily swap them
Ease of integrationIt should be possible to easily integrate new scanners
Ease of ContributingSCB should be well documented
Ease of updatingThird-party software should be carefully chosen, for maintainabilitySC1
PortabilityAdaptableSCB Should run everywhere (local, VMs, Cloud, etc.)SC2

Quality Scenarios

SC1A third-party updates their software with a breaking change. Effort to support this update is minimal
SC2A company is running SCB in the cloud, due to limited resources on premise
SC3SCB is out of resources and a new scan is initiated. The scan is queued until resources are available
SC4A scan is easily created and started by writing and loading a config file