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Architecture Decisions

We use architecture decision records (ADR) to document our architecture decissions. We adopted the template from Joel Parker Henderson.

You find all ADRs in the sidebar below this section. They are numbered and ordered in their time of emergence.

Table of contents‚Äč

0001Choosing the framework for the new secureCodeBox Website
0002How can we introduce a more general extension concept for data processing modules?
0003How can we introduce a mechanism to start specialized scans on the results of previous scans?
0004Which framework could be more useful for documentation purposes?
0005Buying separate marketing oriented webpage
0006Provide versioned documentation
0007Proposal How to Mark Findings With Hashes to Find Duplicates
0008Drop the Former Decision To Provide Versioned Documentation
0009Architecture for pre-populating the file system of scanners
0010Custom Inheritance Behavior for Affinity and Tolerations
0011Version Numbers
0012Cluster Wide Custom Resources
0013Autodiscovery v2
0014Scan Metric Collection
0015Kubernetes As Orchestration Engine for Scans
0016S3 As Backend for Persistent Data
0018Spaces in File Names Are Not Allowed
0019OpenVAS Integration