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ParseDefinitions are Custom Resource Definitions (CRD's) used to describe to the secureCodeBox how it can convert a raw finding report (e.g. XML report from nmap) into the generic secureCodeBox finding format.

ParseDefinitions are generally packaged together with a ScanType. A scanType will reference the name of a ParseDefinition via the extractResults.type field.

Specification (Spec)#

Image (Required)#

image is the reference to the parser container image which can transform the raw scan report into findings.

To see how to write parsers and package them into images, check out the documentation page on integrating new scanners.

ImagePullSecrets (Optional)#

imagePullSecrets can be used to integrate private parser images. This uses the kubernetes default imagePullSecrets structure.

TTLSecondsAfterFinished (Optional)#

ttlSecondsAfterFinished can be used to automatically delete the completed Kubernetes job used to run the parser. This sets the ttlSecondsAfterFinished field on the created job. This requires your cluster to have the TTLAfterFinished feature gate enabled in your cluster.

ScopeLimiterAliases (Optional)#

scopeLimiterAliases can be used in combination with scopeLimiter to create aliases for fields in findings. The goal of this field is to ensure that the scopeSelector can always select an alias, regardless of the underlying representation of the data in a finding. This field supports Mustache templating and has access to the finding object.

See the Scope HowTo for more information.

Affinity and Tolerations (optional)#

affinity and tolerations can be used to control which nodes the parser is executed on. The values should be set via Helm values (during install) or by specifying affinity and/or tolerations in the Scan specification.


apiVersion: ParseDefinitionmetadata:  name: zap-jsonspec:  image:  imagePullSecrets:  - name: dockerhub-token  ttlSecondsAfterFinished: 60  scopeLimiterAliases:    domain: "{{}}"

The Parse definition is different when integrating a new scanner. We use specific conventions when adding new ParseDefinitions to the secureCodeBox repository. More information can be found on the templates folder documentation page for integrating new scanners