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The ScanType Custom Resource Definition (CRD) is used to define to the secureCodeBox how a specific scanner can be executed in Kubernetes. The main part of the ScanType is the JobTemplate, which contains a Kubernetes Job definition that will be used to construct the scans Job.

Specification (Spec)#

ExtractResults (Required)#

The extractResults field contains an object (fields of the object listed below) which describes what types of results this scanType produced and from where these should be extracted.

ExtractResults.Type (Required)#

The type field indicates the type of the file. Usually a combination of the scanner name and file type. E.g. nmap-xml

The type is used to determine which parser would be used to handle this result file.

ExtractResults.Location (Required)#

The location field describes from where the result file can be extracted. The absolute path on the containers file system.

Must be located in /home/securecodebox/ so that the result is reachable by the secureCodeBox Lurker sidecar which performs the actual extraction of the result. E.g. /home/securecodebox/nmap-results.xml

JobTemplate (Required)#

Template of the Kubernetes job to create when running the scan.

For info about the JobTemplate generic parameters, see here: When specified, as with the ttlSecondsAfterFinished parameter, the values from values.yaml will be used in the JobTemplate.


apiVersion: ""kind: ScanTypemetadata:  name: "typo3scan"spec:  extractResults:    type: typo3scan-json    location: "/home/securecodebox/typo3scan.json"  jobTemplate:    spec:      {{- if .Values.scanner.ttlSecondsAfterFinished }}      ttlSecondsAfterFinished: {{ .Values.scanner.ttlSecondsAfterFinished }}      {{- end }}      backoffLimit: {{ .Values.scanner.backoffLimit }}      template:        spec:          restartPolicy: Never          containers:            - name: typo3scan              image: "{{ .Values.scanner.image.repository }}:{{ .Values.scanner.image.tag | default .Chart.AppVersion }}"              command:                - "python3"                - "/home/typo3scan/"                 # Remove any user-interation                - "--no-interaction"                # Output in json format                - "--json"              resources:                {{- toYaml .Values.scanner.resources | nindent 16 }}              securityContext:                {{- toYaml .Values.scanner.securityContext | nindent 16 }}              env:                {{- toYaml .Values.scanner.env | nindent 16 }}              volumeMounts:                {{- toYaml .Values.scanner.extraVolumeMounts | nindent 16 }}            {{- if .Values.scanner.extraContainers }}            {{- toYaml .Values.scanner.extraContainers | nindent 12 }}            {{- end }}          volumes:            {{- toYaml .Values.scanner.extraVolumes | nindent 12 }}