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secureCodeBox Telemetry Data

The secureCodeBox Operator collects and submits anonymized data to give the development team a vague overview on how much the secureCodeBox is actually used.

Datapoints Collected:

The total number of datapoints collected is extremely small, and they are individually evaluated to ensure that the submitted data is as anonymous as possible.

  • Installed version of the secureCodeBox Operator (e.g. v2.0.0)
  • List of installed ScanTypes across all kubernetes Namespaces: (e.g. ['nmap', 'zap-baseline']). Unofficial ScanTypes are reported as other, to avoid submission of confidential data.

Collection Interval

The data is submitted every 24 hours. When the Operator starts, the first data-point is submitted one hour after the start, to give users the opportunity to disable the telemetry data submission before the first datapoints are send.

Disabling Telemetry Data Submission

The collection of telemetry data can be completely disabled by setting the telemetryEnabled to false, e.g:

helm install securecodebox-operator secureCodeBox/operator --set="telemetryEnabled=false"

Telemetry Code

The entire code for both the telemetry backend and frontend is open-source and linked below.