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If you experience any problems using the secureCodeBox, you may find an answer here. Should your problem not be covered here, however, you can also join our Slack Channel to get more specific help. If you think that you encountered a general problem that should be fixed, we are very grateful if you take the time to create an issue in our GitHub Repository.

Installation issues#

helm upgrade --install does not work#

  • Check if you have added the secureCodeBox repository:
helm repo add secureCodeBox
  • Check your spelling: Helm repo is case-sensitive and no backslash at the end of a resource
# WRONG!helm upgrade --install nmap securecodebox/nmap# ALSO WRONG!helm upgrade --install nmap secureCodeBox/nmap/# CORRECThelm upgrade --install nmap secureCodeBox/nmap

Running scans#

Error: ImagePullBackOff#

  • Check that you actually use a scanner from the repo instead of a local one:
# Local:helm upgrade --install nmap ./scanners/nmap/# Repo:helm upgrade --install nmap secureCodeBox/nmap
  • If you want to use a local docker image for your scanner, check that your values.yaml file is correct and follow these instructions.
  • If you use an image from the repository, make sure that it has already been included in the latest release.