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The Chart.yaml is a basic description of your scanner helm chart and will look something like the following:

apiVersion: v2
name: new-scanner
description: A Helm chart for Kubernetes

# A chart can be either an 'application' or a 'library' chart.
# Application charts are a collection of templates that can be packaged into versioned archives
# to be deployed.
# Library charts provide useful utilities or functions for the chart developer. They're included as
# a dependency of application charts to inject those utilities and functions into the rendering
# pipeline. Library charts do not define any templates and therefore cannot be deployed.
type: application

# This is the chart version. This version number should be incremented each time you make changes
# to the chart and its templates, including the app version.
# Versions are expected to follow Semantic Versioning (
version: 0.1.0

# This is the version number of the application being deployed. This version number should be
# incremented each time you make changes to the application. Versions are not expected to
# follow Semantic Versioning. They should reflect the version the application is using.
appVersion: 1.16.0


The apiVersion sets the used Chart API version of Helm. You won't have to change this field.


The name field should be set to the name of the scanner. You won't have to change this field.


Please change the description field to explain the basic purpose of your scanner. For WPScan the description would be:

description: A Helm chart for the WordPress security scanner that integrates with the secureCodeBox.

version and appVersion

The fields for version will be set automatically by our release process. The appVersion should be set to the Version of the scanner. If the scanner does not use versions please use latest. Please set both values:

version: latest
appVersion: latest


The kubeVersion references the version of kubernetes that is required to run your Helm Chart. Please add kubeVersion with the value ">=v1.11.0-0"

kubeVersion: ">=v1.11.0-0"


The keywords field makes it possible to specify a list of keywords about this project. For the WPScan keywords would look the following:

- security
- wpscan
- wordpress
- scanner
- secureCodeBox


The home field should be set to the home page of the project. For WPScan this would be:



The icon field should be set to the URL to a SVG or PNG (if existing). For WPScan icon would look the following:



The sources field should be set the the URL of the secureCodeBox repository:



The maintainers field should contain the following values:

- name: iteratec GmbH
- email: