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You may have noticed that all our hooks provide a as well as a .helm-docs.gotmpl. The reason for this is that we want to provide the documentation of our Helm values directly in our To avoid the need to do this task manually we use a tool that creates a table with all our values directly from our values.yaml. Therefore there is no need to make any changes on the it self. Every change has to be made in the .helm-docs.gotmpl file.

The .helm-docs.gotmpl should contain basic information about your hook like its purpose, how it is deployed, how it is configured as well as its Chart configurations generated out of the values.yaml. For example the .helm-docs.gotmpl for WPScan looks like this:

---title: "Generic WebHook"category: "hook"type: "integration"state: "released"usecase: "Publishes Scan Findings as WebHook."---
<!-- end -->This Hook will make a request to the specified `webhookUrl` containing the findings in its request body.
## Deployment
Installing the Generic WebHook hook will add a ReadOnly Hook to your namespace.Change `webhookUrl` to your desired endpoint.
helm upgrade --install gwh secureCodeBox/generic-webhook --set webhookUrl=""
## Chart Configuration
{{ template "chart.valuesTable" . }}

If you want to generate the out of your .helm-docs.gotmpl locally, you can use helm-docs (see: