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The Chart.yaml is a basic description of your hook helm chart and will look something like the following:

apiVersion: v2name: finding-post-processingdescription: Lets you add or override a field to every finding that meets specified conditions
type: application
# version - gets automatically set to the secureCodeBox release version when the helm charts gets publishedversion: latestkubeVersion: ">=v1.11.0-0"
dependencies: []

The full documentation for helms Chart.yaml file can be found here in the helm docs.


The apiVersion sets the used Chart API version of Helm. You won't have to change this field.


The name field should be set to the name of the hook. You won't have to change this field.


Please change the description field to explain the basic purpose of your hook. For generic-webhook the description would be:

description: Let's you send http webhooks after scans are completed

version and appVersion#

The fields for version will be set automatically by our release process. Please set both values to latest for this purpose:

version: latestappVersion: latest


The kubeVersion references the version of kubernetes that is required to run your Helm Chart. Please add kubeVersion with the value ">=v1.11.0-0"

kubeVersion: ">=v1.11.0-0"