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Coding Guidelines#

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We're using snake_case (lower case) for json attributes. If an enum type is used as attribute it's converted to lower case. If it's a value it's always used UPPERCASE. This is to hold the attribute api consistent, but make sure Enums are recognized as enums.

{  "id": "e18cdc5e-6b49-4346-b623-28a4e878e154",  "name": "Open mysql Port",  "description": "Port 3306 is open using tcp protocol.",  "category": "Open Port",  "osi_layer": "NETWORK",  "severity": "INFORMATIONAL",  "attributes": {    "protocol": "tcp",    "port": 3306,    "service": "mysql",    "mac_address": null,    "start": "1520606104",    "end": "1520606118",    "ip_address": "",    "state": "open"  },  "location": "tcp://"}