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ADR-0008: Drop the Former Decision To Provide Versioned Documentation

Author(s):Sven Strittmatter


In ADR-0006 we decided to provide and maintain versions according to the major and minor versions of the secureCodeBox. Until now we never respected this decision on only provided a HEAD revision of the documentation. Since we have the plan to to a major breaking update to the secureCodeBox we have the urge to decide if we want to version our documentation or not because we must make breaking changes to the documentation, so that it will not match older versions of secureCodeBox.


We do not provide any versions of the documentation!

But we tag the documentation repository for major version increments, so that one looking for older documentation can checkout an older version.


  • We do not want to invest the work to maintain more than the current version of the documentation.
  • We do not want to encourage our customers to not upgrading secureCodeBox.
  • We do not want to confuse our customers with old documentation maybe linked somewhere or preferred in search results.


  • Someone using an old major version will have incompatible documentation. We strongly advise them to update always to the latest version.
  • Someone using an old minor version will have features documented not available. We strongly advise them to update always to the latest version.
  • We need to introduce a development branch to ensure that breaking changes are not visible on the site as long as it is not merged in the dev repository