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ADR-0005: Buying separate marketing oriented webpage

Author(s):Daniel Patanin


As our requirements about our homepage changed we no longer just want to give a simple overview about our project on our landing page as we did with our GatsbyJS based website, but furthermore we require a marketing oriented webpage additionally to our documentation site (for more on that see ???). This marketing page should satisfy following aspects:

  • Modern, ideally timeless, design
  • Overview about the secureCodeBox
  • Display of our project’s advantages
  • Offer for service (prizing)
  • Encouragement for contacting us
  • Encouragement for contributing


Since there is no arguable reason to build such a one-pager ourselves, we should buy a ready to go solution for us. We are not aiming to invest extensive time neither in building such a page, nor in gaining the desired design and marketing expertise, and also not hiring experts on this field (all this would actually be more expensive and time consuming than buying a site). Some stores for such pages are:


If we want to change the style or design someday, we probably could not reuse the bought template if it is not a minor change, thus would need to buy another template. We also would have to orient the presentation of the secureCodeBox around the template we decide on, but nowadays we have a ginormous variety to choose from.