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All scanners integrated in the secureCodeBox create a JSON-Array of Findings objects. The 'findings.json' file that contains these Findings complies with the following JSON Schema (Draft-04).

{  "$schema": "",  "type": "array",  "description": "Array of Findings.",  "items": {    "$ref": "#/$defs/finding"  },  "$defs": {    "finding": {      "type": "object",      "additionalProperties": true,      "properties": {        "id": {          "description": "The unique identifier for a Finding according to RFC4122.",          "type": "string",          "format": "uuid"        },        "identified_at": {          "description": "Date-Time when the Finding was exactly identified according to ISO8601. This information will often not be present.",          "type": "string",          "format": "date-time"        },        "parsed_at": {          "description": "Date-Time when the Finding was parsed according to ISO8601. This information will always be present.",          "type": "string",          "format": "date-time"        },        "name": {          "description": "Contains a short description of the Finding.",          "type": "string"        },        "description": {          "description": "In depth description, can span multiple paragraphs.",          "type": "string",          "nullable": true        },        "category": {          "description": "Is often used to group finding based on their types.",          "type": "string"        },        "severity": {          "description": "Indicates the severity of the finding.",          "type": "string",          "enum": [            "INFORMATIONAL",            "LOW",            "MEDIUM",            "HIGH"          ]        },        "attributes": {          "description": "Attributes are not standardized. They differ from Scanner to Scanner.",          "type": "object"        },        "location": {          "description": "Full URL with protocol, port, and path if existing.",          "type": "string",          "nullable": true        }      },      "required": [        "id",        "parsed_at",        "severity",        "category",        "name"      ]    }  }}

An example findings object is shown below:

{  "id": "e18cdc5e-6b49-4346-b623-28a4e878e154",  "name": "Open mysql Port",  "description": "Port 3306 is open using tcp protocol.",  "category": "Open Port",  "parsed_at": "2021-06-22T12:27:28.153Z",  "identified_at": "2021-06-22T12:26:54.378Z",  "severity": "INFORMATIONAL",  "attributes": {    "port": 3306,    "state": "open",    "ip_address": "",    "mac_address": null,    "protocol": "tcp",    "hostname": "",    "method": "table",    "operating_system": null,    "service": "mysql",    "serviceProduct": null,    "serviceVersion": null,    "scripts": null  },  "location": "tcp://"}