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Developing an SBOM Workflow – Part 2: SBOM Consumption

· 14 min read
Lukas Fischer
Core Developer

A river mouth

Cover photo by Look Up Look Down Photography on Unsplash.

This is part two of the SBOM story which covers the consuming side. If you missed part one, you can find it here.

One would assume that with a standardized format the combinations of generator and consumer are interchangeable, but as noted previously, the SBOMs still vary in content and attributes.

Developing an SBOM Workflow – Part 1: SBOM Generation

· 15 min read
Lukas Fischer
Core Developer

A waterfall

Cover photo by Mike Lewis HeadSmart Media on Unsplash.

In the previous blogpost we described how to use scans to find infrastructure affected by Log4Shell, but wouldn't it be way more convenient to already have this information available? SBOMs promise to offer that convenience of only having to look up, where an affected dependency is used, and immediately being able to mitigate it. This blog post details our plans to integrate an SBOM creation workflow into the secureCodeBox and our troubles with using different tools for it.