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· 11 min read

A burning log

Cover photo by Ray Shrewsberry on Unsplash.

By now, you must have heard about Log4Shell, the present that ruined Christmas for many developers and IT specialists, whether naughty or nice. This blog describes how we used the secureCodeBox as one building block in our incident response process at iteratec.

· 12 min read
Max Maass

A magnifying glass pointed at a laptop keyboard

Cover photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash.

With secureCodeBox 3.3, we have added several features that allow you to use secureCodeBox for static application security testing (SAST). This blog post gives an introduction to how several new features of secureCodeBox 3.3 can be used to quickly run targeted SAST scans of your entire codebase. By the end of this post, you will know how to build a SAST workflow to detect which of your repositories include a malicious dependency. We will cover all steps of the process: obtaining a list of all software repositories in your organization, cloning and scanning them, and even dropping all of the results into a DefectDojo instance for later inspection.