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Daniel Patanin
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This is the first post on the new documentation. What would be better than to teach you how to make some Blini. ๐Ÿ˜ธ

Making the Blin#

Blini are from Eastern Europe. They're basically pancakes in 10 times as thin, but 10 times as good and easy to make. The main components are some eggs, milk and flour. Nothing extraordinary, actually three very basic things that you have at home most of the time. For one portion of Blini you will need 1 chicken produce, 200ml cow juice and 100g dry snow. Mix them together and you are ready to make 4 Blini.


If you think: "But i can't memorize that amounts, is there an easier way? Yes there is! Meet the Blinmaker. You can also compute the amount of Blini you can make right here. "

As for actually making the Blini, it's even easier:

  1. Take a pan
    • Heat it up
  2. Add a small amount of yellow cooking slime (source may be your choice)
  3. Pour in the liquid Blini until they just cover the surface of the pan
    1. Keep the pan hot while you wait until the blin magically solidifies.
    2. Carefully flip the Blin...
      • before it starts burning
      • and when it is somewhat solid, but not for a long time
  4. Remove the Blin when it is ready.
  5. Eat your Blini.
Watch your Blini

Warning! You better pay attention! If not, your neighbor Vadim might steal some Blini while you are not looking!

Serving the Blin#

When you are ready to eat some Blini and think: "This is not bad but something is missing.", Then you're absolutely right. See, while Blini are delicious themselves, their true potential lies in the toppings you eat them with. Pretty much anything sweet you like will make you very happy, but there are also some different things you may try:

SweetNot sweetDrinks
JamSour CreamTea
Maple syrupMayonnaiseFruit juice
Chocolate creamHot Chocolate
Berries or fruitsCoffee
Ice cream

Blini fit very nicely in lunch bags.

The Blinmaker#

Meet the Blinmaker. It is a magnificent tool which computes how many Blini you can make with what you have at home.

Blinmaker in different languages#

Here is the Blinmaker in different languages. Just copy, paste and click run whenever you need to know how many Blini you can make!

pub const EGGS_MIN: i32 = 1;pub const FLOUR_MIN: f32 = 100.0;pub const MILK_MIN: f32 = 200.0;pub fn find_blin_amount(mut flour_amount: f32, mut milk_amount: f32, mut eggs_amount: i32) -> f32 {    flour_amount = flour_amount / FLOUR_MIN;    eggs_amount = eggs_amount / EGGS_MIN;    milk_amount = milk_amount / MILK_MIN;    let smallest: f32;    if flour_amount <= milk_amount && flour_amount <= eggs_amount as f32{        smallest = flour_amount as f32;        return smallest * 6.0;    }    else if milk_amount <= flour_amount && milk_amount <= eggs_amount as f32 {        smallest = milk_amount as f32;        return smallest * 6.0;    }    else if eggs_amount as f32 <= flour_amount && eggs_amount as f32 <= milk_amount {        smallest = eggs_amount as f32;        return smallest as f32 * 6.0;    }    else{        return -1 as f32;    }}pub fn find_materials_amount(mut flour_amount: f32, mut milk_amount: f32, mut eggs_amount: i32) -> (f32,f32,i32) {    flour_amount = flour_amount / FLOUR_MIN;    eggs_amount = eggs_amount / EGGS_MIN;    milk_amount = milk_amount / MILK_MIN;    let mut smallest: f32 = 0.0;    if flour_amount<=milk_amount && flour_amount<=eggs_amount as f32 {        smallest = flour_amount as f32;    }    else if milk_amount<=flour_amount && milk_amount<=eggs_amount as f32 {        smallest = milk_amount as f32;    }    else if eggs_amount as f32<=flour_amount && eggs_amount as f32<=milk_amount {        smallest = eggs_amount as f32;    }    (smallest * FLOUR_MIN, smallest * MILK_MIN, smallest as i32 * EGGS_MIN)}

Computing Blin Amount#

If you say you want to make some Blini right now, then here you go, a Blinmaker ready to use.

Did you know

With this live editor you can change the blinmaker to use e.g. imperial units, if you're a western spy.

Live Editor
SyntaxError: Unexpected token (1:8)
1 : return ()

Don't make too many Blini. Throwing them away is a crime in eastern Europe!